A wide range of high-quality thermoset composites with different production processes (high pressure process, SMC process, etc.) enables target customers to adapt their products to specific mechanical, electrical, thermal, chemical and optical properties

ProductStandardDimensionsApplication/FeaturesOil filledDry/CastTraction
Durapol F200UP GM 203 GPO-32020*1250mm, 3-60 mm thickness or machined to drawingStep blocks, Phase barriers, Coil Support, Condactor Support,Tie rod isulation, EN45545 approved, UL V-0XXX
Durapol M600UP GM 2052020*1250mm, 3-60 mm thickness or machined to drawingHigh performance, High temperatures, UL V-0XXX
Vetronit G11EP GC 203 G-111170*1070mm, 2070*1070 mm or machined to drawingPressing blocks, Winding support, WasherXXX
Vetronit G11 TEP GC 22 G-111000 mm length 3.5 to 450 mm ∅ or machined to drawingInsulate mechanical connectionXXX
Treillis 643301115 mm width 100m lengthReinforcement of winding blockX