The flexible materials used in each type of engine make it durable at high operating temperatures. Tolerating tough thermo-mechanical conditions of laminates is one of the things that create high resistance against thermal shock.

Thickness mmLayer thickness, μm Tensile strengthBreakdown voltage
GlassPI film
Glass/PI film0.08–0.1225–5025–75highmedium
Glass/PI film/Glass0.15–0.2150–8025–50very highmedium
NomexPI film
Nomex® 1)/PI film0.09–0.2950–25025lowmedium
0.14–0.3480–18075highvery high
Nomex® 1)/PI film/Nomex®0.21–0.4180–18025lowmedium
0.25–0.4580–18075highvery high