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Electrical Isulations


Electrical insulators are used for high voltage cases as a powerful drive for motors and generators, which will ultimately lead to permanent improvement in the efficiency, performance and durability of electric machines.

One of the most important factors in the quality of insulation is creating and coordinating the complex interaction between high-tech insulation strips, high-performance composites, resins, varnishes, and wires. Therefore, Amitis Tejarat Noor Company (Special Shares) prioritizes this point when supplying the raw materials needed by its customers. –

By receiving quality approval certificates from research and development centers around the world, the trading and supply group of Amitis Tejarat Noor (Special Shares) closely interacts with famous brands and global market leaders in specific customer projects.

Conductive Tapes


At high voltage, the local increase of the electric field at the sharp edges should be avoided. By using conductive tape, quality is improved and the process is simplified, as the same process applied to standard tapes can be applied.

Thermal ClassF (155 °C)
Thickness0.33 mm
Base weight550 g/m2
Resin content

Curing Conditions3h @ 150 °C or
5h @ 135 °C or
14h @120 °C
Tensile Strength after Curing, at 20 °C2500 N/cm per layer
Tensile Strength after Curing, at 155 °C1800 N/cm per layer
Specific Surface Resistance after Curing5-25 kΩcm/cm
Specific Volume Resistance20-500 kΩcm

Polyglas® is a range of high quality tapes impregnated with special polysterimide resins. After finishing the process, even compared to steel, they find improved features.

ProductDimensions Application /FeaturesOil FilledDry/CastTraction
Polyglas P306.5 to 50 mm width 100, 200 m lengthCore leg support, BandageX(X)X
Polyglas P306.5 to 50 mm width 100, 200 m lengthCore leg support, Bandage EN45545-2 approvedX(X)X
Polyglas P30 50 mm width 100, 200 m lengthElectrical Shielding and Mechanical Banding of Core ColumnsX

With mica tape, which can be used for the insulation of the main wall of the highest standards, a suitable solution for improving quality and affordability is provided to our customers.

This product meets the main and end wall insulation requirements, namely:

  • High dielectric strength
  • High thermal performance
  • Resistance against corona discharges
  • Quick and easy saturation
  • Maintaining the resin without draining
  • Without wrinkle
  • Full compatibility with predefined resin systems

The advantages of these tapes are that:

  •  Have a high dielectric strength
  •  Providing high thermal performance
  •  Resist against corona secretions
  •  Applicable without wrinkling
  •  Applicable as soon as possible
  •  Less cutting time

Mainwall tapes for conventional hot pressing

Total Weight
Samica g/m²PI film 25 μm g/m²Resin Content g/m²Resin Compatibility and Thermal Class
Samicatherm 315.510.09117603720220 (c)

Overhang tapes for conventional hot pressing

Total Weight
Samica® g/m²Resin Content g/m²Resin Compatibility and Thermal Class
Samicatherm® 366.180.121507552220 (c)
Samicatherm® 366.190.1821512072220 (c)

A wide range of resins are based on polyester, epoxy, polysterimides and silicone resins, which guarantee good protection of components against sometimes very difficult environmental conditions.

ProductChemistryApplication/FeaturesOil filledDry/CastTraction
Exposy 1kimpregnation resin, Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance, VOC free, EN45545-2 approvedXX
Exposy 1kimpregnation mainly for traction transformers, Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance, VOC free, thixotrop ,EN45545-2 approvedXX
Hi Thermal BC-364A, BB-346A, BR-346APolyesterimpregnation and coating, hot curingX
Polyester in DAPFlexibilized impregnation resin,low VOCX
Polyester100% lable free impregnation resin, High reactivity, Low vicosity, VOC freeXX
Damisol 3630 HTPPolyesterimideFor high thermal properties, VOC free, Low emissionsX
Synthite AC 41PolyurethaneCoating varnish, Air dryingX
Synthite AC 43PolyesterCoating varnish, Air dryingX
Exposy 2kCoating varnish, Best protectionX

Resin is very essential in determining the thermal performance, but the choice of resin is complex and depends on various factors, among its critical parameters, the following can be mentioned:

  • Temperature resistance up to 220 degrees Celsius and higher
    1. Heat shock
  • High reliability related to the required high thermal class
    1. Weather conditions
    2. Chemical resistance

A wide range of high-quality thermoset composites with different production processes (high pressure process, SMC process, etc.) enables target customers to adapt their products to specific mechanical, electrical, thermal, chemical and optical properties

ProductStandardDimensionsApplication/FeaturesOil filledDry/CastTraction
Durapol F200UP GM 203 GPO-32020*1250mm, 3-60 mm thickness or machined to drawingStep blocks, Phase barriers, Coil Support, Condactor Support,Tie rod isulation, EN45545 approved, UL V-0XXX
Durapol M600UP GM 2052020*1250mm, 3-60 mm thickness or machined to drawingHigh performance, High temperatures, UL V-0XXX
Vetronit G11EP GC 203 G-111170*1070mm, 2070*1070 mm or machined to drawingPressing blocks, Winding support, WasherXXX
Vetronit G11 TEP GC 22 G-111000 mm length 3.5 to 450 mm ∅ or machined to drawingInsulate mechanical connectionXXX
Treillis 643301115 mm width 100m lengthReinforcement of winding blockX

By system – integration of tapes and resins – organized by thermal class: epoxy and polyester, polysterimide

Epoxy and polyester systems for class 155 designs

Thickness mmTotal weight g/m2Total weight g/m2Resin compatibilty and thermal class
Samicapor® 366.53-01
0.12153 120 F F
Resin referenceDC motorsAC motorsThermal classDescription
Permafil® 74041 155highly thixotropic epoxy resin (high
film build) with good thermal
properties; no volatile organic
compounds (VOC)
Damisol® 3412-1155extremely reactive, two-component
epoxy resin system; no VOC
Damisol® 3500 LoV155ow-viscosity, one-component epoxy
resin with good thermal properties; no

Polyesterimide systems for class 180 designs Damisol® 3340, Permafil® 707/747

 Thickness mmTotal weight g/m2Samica® g/m2Resin compatibilty and thermal class
Samicapor® 366.53-01
0.12 153 120 H
Samicapor® 366.580.15195160H
Samicapor® 315.450.14214160H
Resin reference DC motors
AC motors Thermal classDescription
Permafil® 707, 747Hpolyester resin with high thermal-shock and temperature resistance
Damisol® 2053 HFP180solvent-borne polyesterimide varnish
with high flexibility and temperature
Damisol® 3032
300 mPa.s
180solventless polyesterimide resin with
high electrical insulating properties
and temperature resistance;
Samicabond® system
Damisol® 3340
500 mPa.s
180solventless polyesterimide resin with
high electrical insulating properties,
flexibility and temperature resistance;
Samicabond® system
Damisol® 3630 HTP
600 mPa.s
180solvent-free polyesterimide resin with
high electrical insulating properties
and temperature resistance; no VOC

Silicone systems for class C designs with Damisol® 3551

 Thickness mmTotal weight g/m2Samica® g/m2PI film 25 µm g/m2Resin compatibilty
and thermal class

Samicapor® 366.530.12153120220 (C)
Samicapor® 326.400.131698037220 (C)
Samicapor® 366.850.12164120220 (C)
Samicapor® 366.860.12155120220 (C)
Samicapor® 366.870.14170120220 (C)
Samicapor® 366.880.11155120220 (C)

The flexible materials used in each type of engine make it durable at high operating temperatures. Tolerating tough thermo-mechanical conditions of laminates is one of the things that create high resistance against thermal shock.

Thickness mmLayer thickness, μm Tensile strengthBreakdown voltage
GlassPI film
Glass/PI film0.08–0.1225–5025–75highmedium
Glass/PI film/Glass0.15–0.2150–8025–50very highmedium
NomexPI film
Nomex® 1)/PI film0.09–0.2950–25025lowmedium
0.14–0.3480–18075highvery high
Nomex® 1)/PI film/Nomex®0.21–0.4180–18025lowmedium
0.25–0.4580–18075highvery high

Utilization of various types of insulation

ApplicationInsulating materialDC motorsAC motors
Conductor insulationEnamel + glass, enamel + glass & polyester, or polyimide film
Main insulationMica tapes, polyimide film
Woven glass tapes
Impregnating resin
Slot wedgingSlot liner
Slot wedges rotor
Slot wedges stator
Overhang bracingOverhang rings
Filler between coils
CommutatorSegment plates
Armature reinforcementBanding tapes