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Rotor - Stator

Rotor - Stator

As we can find out by their name (stator is taken from the word STATIONARY meaning fixed and rotor from the word ROTATING) the stator is the fixed part of the motor and the rotor is the part that is rotating inside the stator.
The stator is made of several metal layers that are connected in the form of a hollow cylinder.

The rotor is placed on the stator shaft, which is made of thin steel sheets, inside which there are aluminum or copper cores.

Due to equipping the Industrial complex of Amitis Tejarat Noor Company with a completely professional and well-equipped molding unit, the needs of customers can be manufactured and produced in all dimensions, sizes, shapes and models.

Transformer Cores

Transformer Cores (EI)

Transformers are transmitters by means of a magnetic field Among the types of transformers available in the market, the most widely used ones are E-I transformers, which are available as step-down, step-up and one-to-one (isolated). The necessity and requirement of using transformers in power transmission and energy distribution devices has caused the world power to be pushed towards the increasing production of such transformers, which is followed by designing transformers of different dimensions and sizes for domestic, office, industrial and commercial activities. it was made. This causes the need for silica sheet more than before and forces the companies producing this product to make high quality products.

The transformer core is the main component of a transformer. A A transformer without a silicon sheet does not work properly and cannot increase the electrical resistance to the ideal level and power. Therefore, the existence of these sheets is very important in transformer production industries, and this sheet can be considered as the beating heart and integral member of the transformer.

Amitis Tejarat Noor Industrial Complex has succeeded in producing trans cores of different sizes by being equipped with the best and most up-to-date pressing machines in the world and supplying them to domestic and foreign producers.

Table of -EI- Trans Core
EI41 41276-211368-
EI48 48328-241688-
EI57 57389.5-28.5199.59.5-
EI60 60401043020101050
EI66 66441143322111155
EI76 7650.712.753825.512.712.764
EI84 84561454028141470
EI96 96641664632161680
EI105 1057017.5652.53517.517.587.5
EI120 1208020760402020100
EI135 1359123.5767.544.521.823.5111.5
EI150 15010025875502525125
EI171 17111428.5885.55728.528.5143
EI192 19212832896563236160
EI250 2501674212125824242208
EI300 30020050121501005050250
EI360 36024060141801206060300
Steel sheet cutting

Siliceous and cold rolled slitting

One of the best and highest quality services provided in this collection is roll slitting and cutting. The production line of this collection in this sector is able to produce all kinds of slitted rolls in all sizes and thicknesses every day by using the best machines and experienced human resources.
Rotor-stator and EI lamination and stamping die

Stamping Die Department

Due to the huge variety in the needs of customers, including the shape, size and type of manufactured goods, and in order to respect them, the molding unit of Amitis Tejarat Noor Industrial Trading Co. has been set up to meet all these needs by using The latest machines as well as technicians and professional designers.

The execution of making a mold, which is carried out under the supervision of the customers, makes the production of the final part to be finished in the most accurate way possible and with all the details.

All kinds of molds for transformer cores, rotor-stators and all kinds of laminations are made in this company’s molding unit and presented to our dear customers.